3 Reasons to choose a printer cutter

A printer cutter is a multifunction printer device that can print and cut at the same time. Since their inception, these integrated devices have assisted in the launch of numerous businesses ranging from sign and graphics to custom clothing. Here are some of the reasons why these companies have chosen this technology.

3 Reasons to choose a printer cutter

Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Printer Cutter


Having both functions in the same device makes management easier and allows you to complete tasks with minimal intervention. This means you can load various materials, set everything up, and then let your machine do what it does best while you focus on running the rest of your business. This is a significant advantage if your product line includes die-cut stickers, heat-transfers for T-shirts, or larger graphics for walls or windows.


You can install a take-up unit with an integrated printer cutter that automatically rolls the media up as it comes off the device. You don't want to move the media to a separate device to cut a few thousand stickers if you have a large order. A media take-up solution allows you to leave the printer cutter to do its work, and large jobs can even print overnight.


Floor space is often in short supply for many businesses, especially those that are just getting started. When you consider application tables and other devices such as laminators and heat presses, you can quickly run out of space. Having both printing and cutting capabilities in a single device reduces the amount of space required in half.

3 Reasons to choose a printer cutter

How do printer cutters function?

Small vinyl cutters resemble desktop printers. The computer controls the movement of a sharp blade across the surface of the material in the same way that a printer controls a nozzle. This blade is used to cut shapes and letters out of thin self-adhesive plastic sheets (vinyl).

What exactly is the difference between a Cricut and a vinyl cutter?

Both machines have the same cutting force - 210 grams. This means that either vinyl cutter can handle thicker and special effect HTV; however, the Silhouette Cameo can handle materials up to 3mm (500g of force) thick, whereas the Cricut Explore can only handle materials up to 2mm (350g of force).

What is the function of a paper cutter?

A paper cutter, also known as a paper guillotine or simply a guillotine, is a tool used in offices and classrooms to make straight cuts on single sheets or large stacks of paper at once.

What is a digital cutter?

Unlike die cutting, which uses physical dies to create the shape, digital cutting uses a blade that follows a computer-programmed path to create the shape. A digital cutting machine consists of a flat table area and a set of cutting, milling, and scoring attachments mounted on an arm.

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