Oracle is creating a database of health information

Oracle, a cloud services company, has taken the initiative to create a national database of health information.  The company recently acquired Cerner, an electronic health data storage company, for 2.74 billion.  The initiative has been taken soon after.  News Etilecom.

Oracle is creating a database of health information

 Oracle board chairman and chief technology officer Larry Ellison said the information would be added anonymously unless patients gave permission.  Medcitynews has published a report in this regard.  "We're building a system where the health information of Americans is not limited to the hospital level," Larry said in a statement to the media at The Future of Healthcare webinar hosted by Oracle.  At the same time they will be stored in a database at the national level.

 The report added that Oracle's new database of health information will also allow patients to participate.  The company has been working to develop the system since the beginning of the Kavid-19 epidemic.  To make participation easier, Oracle is working to ensure that patients collect data from wearable and home diagnostic devices.

 According to Ellison, the addition of wearable devices to data collection will further aid medical research.  Especially through this more people will be able to get involved in this activity.  "Even if you are in a hospital in a remote area, you can share your information with the doctors and the people involved in the examination," he said.

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