New law in Canada to report cyber attacks

Canada has recently enacted new laws for organizations involved in building critical infrastructure to inform the federal government about cyber attacks. In addition to providing information, organizations need to improve their cyber security systems. News Etilecom.

New law in Canada to report cyber attacks

 Lawmakers have identified the finance, telecommunications, energy and transport sectors for national security and public safety. However, he did not reveal the name of any specific organization. Speaking to reporters, Marco Mendisino, the country's public security minister, said it would take some time to determine which sectors are important for national security and public safety. Important industrialists will be identified at the end of interaction with various sectors.

 The new law would give the government of Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau more power to protect the country's telecommunications sector against cyber security threats. Marco Mendisino said the new law would protect both public and private sectors from cyber attacks.

 Dynamic network systems such as FiveG have allowed Canada's key infrastructure sectors to remain more connected and integrated. However, the government has said that these are more risky for cyber attacks. The incidence of cyber attacks and hacking is increasing in the world. However, the details of these attacks remain unknown. Because under the current law, there is no obligation to submit a report in case of any cyber accident.

 According to an official statement, the bill, called C-28, would bar telecom companies from using the products and services of risky suppliers. Last month, the Canadian government banned the use of FiveG gear, manufactured by China's Huawei Technologies and GTE Corporation.

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