Microsoft bought MyBuro to strengthen cyber security

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has long raised concerns about cyber-attacks. In such a situation, Microsoft is keen to strengthen the security belt. The technology giant has acquired MyBuro, a cyber threat analysis and research firm, to increase threat research. News Economic Times.

Microsoft bought MyBuro to strengthen cyber security

 Microsoft recently announced the acquisition. However, the technology giant did not specify how many dollars or on what terms the acquisition was agreed with Myburo.

 Myburo, a New York-based organization, specializes in identifying foreign information activities and taking action accordingly. The organization is able to identify harmful and extremist campaigns in 18 languages. Clint Watts founded Maiburo. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization. Through the new agreement, the company has become part of Microsoft's Customer Security and Trust Organization.

 "By acquiring MyBuro, we will continue our mission to take appropriate action against cyber-attacks," said Tom Burt, corporate vice president of Microsoft's Customer Security and Trust division. In addition, long-term ways will be found to protect public and private sector customers from threats from foreign rivals. In this continuity, relations will be established with others in the public and private sectors.

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