Mgames chatbot was launched by Rakuten and Minesky Global

Rakuten Viber and Minesky Global have launched Mgames Chatbot to provide gamers with enhanced gaming experience. Through this chatbot, the users of this messaging app can easily play different types of games. 

Mmgames chatbot was launched by Rakuten and Minesky Global

 Viber users in the Asia Pacific region will now be able to play up to 60 free hypercausal games on the platform via the eGames chatbot. Besides, new games will be added every month.

 Regarding Chatbot, David She, Senior Director, Rakuten Viber, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Minesky Global to bring together mobile games on our platform for gamers of different segments.

 "We're not just launching games on Viber, we're working on creating a community for hypercasual gamers that will allow gamers to interact with each other in an enjoyable way," he said.

 The platform has a variety of games and options for those who love to play with words and puzzles, for those who love adventure, racing and smartphones. Interactive hypercasual games create a competitive environment for users to win prizes while playing on the Viber network, and to reach the top of the leaderboards.

 "Our partnership with Viber proves that we are committed to ensuring an enjoyable environment for gamers," said Ronald Robbins, CEO of Minesky. The partnership is reminiscent of Minesky's passion for gaming and his early days of community building.

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