Japan will produce 2 nanometer chips

Japan is considering setting up a new manufacturing facility to make two nanometer chips of advanced technology. The country will also work with the United States to implement the plan by 2025. News gizmochayana. 

Japan will produce two nanometer chips

 According to a report published by Nikkei Asia, Japan is preparing to take part in commercialization activities by producing the next generation of modern chips. As part of this, Tokyo and Washington will support each other through a semiconductor technology partnership. The agreement will also include private or privately owned entities of the two countries. Basically, it will help in research, design and mass production of chips.

 Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company TSMC has already undertaken mass production of the technology required for their advanced two nanometer process nodes. Japan, on the other hand, seeks to ensure a stable supply of semiconductors through internal production of next-generation chips. At the same time, a new company may be set up in partnership with the United States, or Japanese corporations may set up a new manufacturing facility.

 Currently, the country's finance, trade and industry ministries have subsidized research and development costs to produce improved semiconductors. The two countries have said that joint research activities will start from this year. Between 2025 and 2026, research as well as mass production will be reviewed.

 TSMCO, one of the world's leading contract chip manufacturers, is considering setting up a manufacturing facility in Kumamoto, Japan. However, no high quality chip will be made here. Instead, ten to two nanometer chips will work to develop the technology.

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