How much better is the iPhone 13 than Apple's first phone iPhone 1

When it comes to smartphones, the iPhone has always been at the top of the consumer list. The price of this phone is more than a million rupees, but the number of iPhone users in the world is increasing day by day. In 2021, seven of the ten best-selling smartphones in the world belong to Apple. The iPhone has now become part of an aristocracy to the people.

How much better is the iPhone 13 than Apple's first phone iPhone 1
Stip jokes was the first to bring this groundbreaking smart phone called Apple iPhone.

 He unveiled the phone at the January 9, 2007 Makewall event. Which gained wide popularity in the world market.

 But the difference between the iPhone 1 15 years ago and the iPhone 13 that reigns in the current market will surprise you. Apple first gave 2g connectivity to the iPhone.

 With the touchscreen ipot, the device was used for internet communication and mobile. Only a 2 megapixel camera was used on the first iPhone. The first iPhone did not have an app store, meaning that the app that was installed at the time of purchase could be used.

 At the time, BlackBerry and Nokia, two of the iPhone's main competitors, had the advantage of using memory cards, but it was dropped from the iPhone. Even since birth, no iPhone has had the opportunity to expand storage.

 The first iPhone did not have a chance to open the battery. But then all the other phones used removal battery. Apple has not yet used a removable battery in any of their phones.

In 2007 Apple made the Bluetooth headset for their first phone. Connecting to the iPhone could be used to make voice calls and listen to music through this headset. The iPhone T had 4 GB storage.

 A total of 15 apps could be used, including Contacts, Camera, Voice Memo, Stocks, Google Maps, Weather Settings. At first, the first generation Apple iPhone was priced at 4 499. At present in Bangladeshi rupees which is about 45,500 rupees.

 The iPhone 13 series of four new models was officially unveiled at the California Streaming Event on September 14th. Fifteen bionic chips have been used in the high speed processor as a surprise in the current mobiles of iPhone. The biggest change came in its camera system, the iPhone 13 being able to take very low light and clear pictures. The 12-megapixel dual camera comes with censorship optical image stabilization technology.

 The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max also have a promotion display. As well as the screen brightness increased 28 times. The battery of iPhone 13 series has also been improved. The 13 Mini's battery lasts more than an hour and a half longer than the iPhone 12 Mini.

 There are rumors that Apple may launch Apple iPhone 14 series in September this year. There are four variants of this series iPhone Fortin. IPhone 14 Max As with the iPhone 14P and iPhone 14P Max, there may be some changes this time around. Many think that Apple will stop making mini versions. The idea is that all four possible models of the new iPhone 14 series may have 6 GB of RAM. The price of fast charging iPhone 13 Pro series is Rs.

 But compared to that, the charging system is not very advanced, only 20 word charging is possible. However, it is expected that the iPhone 14 series will improve in that direction.

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