Reasons Why Education Is Important

There are a number of reasons that govern the importance of education in our lives. We have seen children who are living on the borderline poverty level and people who are deprived of the basic necessities. The cure for all of this lies in education because by means of it we create awareness.

Awareness in terms of resources of energy, family planning, discipline in life, employment opportunities and so on so forth. Education Stethoscope is such a tool whereby anyone can take charge and change the course of their future. Let’s see some reasons that highlights the importance of education

1.    End Poverty

Through education we can end poverty but for that we have to make basic education accessible to all. As per UNESCO findings, 171 million people can be saved from poverty if students in developing countries were to leave school with essential reading skills. Moreover, an additional schooling year can add to individual’s income by 10%.

2.    End hunger

Food crisis is the biggest in the world today. By means of education better nutrition can be achieved, in addition to promoting sustainable agricultural practices. This can be substantiated by the fact that if a mother is educated, she will take care of her child’s nutrition by preparing the best meals possible. 

A UNESCO research has shown that close to 47 million children in developing countries are experiencing lack of growth primarily because they are malnourished since the early days of their childhood. Stats say that if mothers in these countries had primary and secondary education, 1.7 million children and 12.2 million children could be saved from malnutrition, respectively.

3.    Good Health

Living a healthy life is everyone’s right and no one should be deprived of that. If people were more educated they will adopt healthier diet and habits. Furthermore, education helps combat the curse of HIV/AIDS, decreases mother-child mortality rates and contribute to overall improvement in health.

A well informed mother will care for the well-being of her child and will take necessary measures to prevent diseases. This will in turn, reduce infant mortality rate by as much as 10% according to UNESCO reports.

4.    Quality Education for All

Education multiplies. If a person is educated he will look to do the same for his family members. Thus, paving way for a culture that promotes learning. It also seeks to equip people of all age groups with skills to become successful in life. You become a law abiding citizen and above all, carry civic sense bringing value to the society.

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