Driverless Trucks Or Cars Will Include Health Sensors

The man has come a long way since its birth thousands of years ago. From uncivilized societies of the jungle world to the modern day sophisticated citizens of the metropolitan centers, the journey has been long and complicated. Throughout its progress, there have been several important discoveries and inventions that helped transform the way people lived their lives. These shifts in the lifestyles and human behaviors are owed to the development in the field of science and technology. 

Various latest gadgets and technologies that were not even existent a few years ago have become ahuman necessity today. For example, we cannot even think about living without smart phones or the internet. 

Similar technological advancements and revolutions have been seen in sectors of transportation, communication, and healthcare. The distances that were traveled in months in older times can be covered in hours and minutes. Sitting in the comfort of your own home you can contact and communicate with anyone anywhere in the world in seconds. Video conferences and online calls are cheaper and more effective ways of communication than any other medium in the last century. 

The driverless technology: One such latest revolutionary invention in the sector of transportation is the driverless mode of transport. From cars to buses to trains, the scientists are predicting a transformational shift in the way public transport used to operate.
Future for automated vehicles:Driverless cars and buses are the future of automation. Many experts and critics still see the concept as a danger to human safety and security yet there are a number of proponents that are working hard to make this invention successful. Adding driverless cars to the mainstream transportation industry will not be an easy task. However, once adopted, it can be one of the largest transformations in human history. 

Revolutionary for healthcare: Apart from having a large number of economic and social benefits, the driverless transportation system is said to be helpful in healthcare as well. How? You may ask. The answer is through the health-related sensors that would be an essential part of the invention. These sensors will be helpful in detecting various medical and health-related conditions as soon as the passenger boards the vehicle. 

For example when you are returning from a party and you have had a couple of drinks. The moment you will be ready to board the driverless car or bus, it will detect your alcohol levels and recommend further medical action needed for your betterment. 

Detection of various vital health-related signs: These kinds of healthcare sensors can be revolutionary for the medicinal science and the world of health care.  The sensors will also be useful in detecting age and disability conditions in passengers and advice recommended acourse of action for them in the vehicle. 

The sensors used in the driverless trucks and cars are like a portable diagnostic system. It has got algorithms and sensory technology that helps in measuring the various medical related parameters and vital statistics of the passengers. 

The use of such vehicle in public transport will be beneficial in reducing the costs of the diagnostics and making it more convenient and comfortable.

Things like blood pressures, sugar levels, blood alcohol levels, heart rate and even the food eaten in the near future will be detectable through such sensors in the driverless vehicles.

Advantages and impact of driverless vehicles on healthcare industry: Some of the main benefits of these sensors in vehicles without drivers are described below:

•    Portable healthcare:
The cars or trucks will detect various vital signs of the passengers and store them in a cloud storage. These will be intimated to the passengers through some public network facility. 

•    Best of elderly and disabled:

These types of vehicles will be best suited for old aged people and those with disabilities. They can remain independent for traveling without a driver. Additionally, the sensors will also help keep a regular check on their vital statistics and notify if something is imbalanced or alarming. 

•    Less accidental deaths and fatalities:

With such a sophisticated technology that can even detect your alcohol levels, the chances of road accidents and medical emergencies will be lesser.

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